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TACN6CWGREThis fix makes sure the structure has room for a NULL terminator.
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TSUA6FQ838For iSeries, changed the cfp key container file from server.ini to cfpkey.ini.
AAML6CZTXTAfter running domwzd.exe using the following option "domwzd -playback", users should be able to use any pre-configured setup profiles to configure a...
JJAM5J3222The DomWzd was called by the EZ-Setup from iSeries Navigator when the Domino server was not installed on iSeries. This problem has been fixed in...
TDEY6KZRFPUpdated release number on installer setup panel.
NHSU6C38U6Error message "No records returned" was displayed when adding a server with the Server Language Pack.
TSUA6FQ838For iSeries, changed the cfp key container file from server.ini to cfpkey.ini.
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JJOH6DDNEUFixed a crash which occurred when there were more than 10 stored procedure parameters.
TITH6CKADEFixed a crash in DECS/LEI that occurred when a conversion error was issued when using DBCS data in a DB/2 table. The return code that was sent back...
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RBRE6DRRZXSome PDF files may cause the KVOOP job to loop and not end when full text indexing binary attachments. This prevents the full text index for the...
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JBOO6EJCVAThe description of BST in iSeries Nav is no longer different from that in OS/400.
LHQI6FY5FUNo messages appear, when users use Domino plug-in on iNav and select any option in which "-" is included from the Collation list, such as (ZH-CN)...
TACN6D6HPMFixed an Insufficient memory problem when old shared memory segments were not cleaned up.
AAML6CQQW9Making copies of ID files is not working for Additional Servers.
PREA6BWQKAMade changes to iSeries Server Setup Wizard to make GUI interface more consistent.
JCJC6GAE9MFixed an intermittent server crash which occurred upon server restart.
BYAG6DL9MRThe command DSPDOMCSL has been changed to enforce it to work with the *allobj and *X data authority.
MZHO6EY9DHThe name of a server job changed from QJVAEXEC to SERVER when started via Java Console. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.1.
PREA666T7AFixed a potential memory overwrite.
TPES6DDLNMFixed a problem where the Collection Services addin task ( COLSRV400 ) would not start on iSeries. This problem has been fixed in...
LXUU6BN3JEWith this fix, text added to the Collation field can now be in Upper OR Lower case capitalization. Prior to this fix, only Uppercase...
JYMA6DLVEGChanges made in the Mail tab were not saved because of a problem with the checkboxes. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.1.
RBRE6F3S78Server may intermittently crash when converting float to long. iSeries message MCH1212 is seen in the joblog. This problem has been fixed in...
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